Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
One of our favorite dishes - Pho

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The OC

Two Thursday evenings ago we were back in Oak Cliff, where we've thoroughly been enjoying playing tourists lately. Dylan was having his guitar lesson at The Kessler Theater, while David and I enjoyed beverages at Bolsa, our newest favorite restaurant/bar. For dinner the three of us ate some of the best Gyros in town, at a tiny, family-owned restaurant in Bishop Arts District called "The Greek Cafe and Bakery." MaryAnn and Mike are the proprietors. Mike does all the cooking, while MaryAnn does a fabulous job of taking care of everything else...they're absolutely a delightful couple. The food was so good, very authentic, inexpensive and I literally ate everything on my plate. We look forward to dining there again.

Dylan has continually been amazing us with his growth in his guitar playing. With Kenny's direction, he's been busily working on mastering Led Zepplin's "Rain Song." This is not an easy song to play at all. He brings me to tears hearing him practice learning this beautiful song. I cannot wait to post a clip when he will let me, he wants to perfect it first. It truly warms my heart hearing David and Dylan playing guitar together.

Monday we were back in the OC for Dylan's guitar lesson. We found ourselves once again on the patio, enjoying another cold beverage at Bolsa, chatting it up with their friendly staff. The staff and food is top-notch. They get most of their fresh produce from Spiceman's, that I've raved about before on my blog. I recommend everyone check out Bolsa. The menu changes daily and when David and I ate there for dinner, I had one of the best meals I've ever had at a restaurant. Totally worth the commute, which if you live in our neck of the woods isn't bad at all.

For dinner we bought authentic fajita tacos and elotes at the Taqueria right across the street from Bolsa. Next, we plan on checking out "Tradewinds," a notorious dive-bar in the OC, that is known for having some of the best pizza in town.

Oak Cliff, has a very cool, Austin-type of vibe going on....we absolutely love it! Everyone is so nice too. Come check out the summer concert series at the Belmont Hotel. They have artists perform by the pool with one of the most amazing views of Downtown as the background. The Kessler Theater has recently been beautifully renovated and always has some great, live music playing. Come check out the OC....there' s a lot of good stuff going on over there!


  1. The Greek place is great, as are the owners, but it is in Bishop Arts District, not Kessler Park, glad you enjoy our neighborhood.

  2. Thank you Anonymous! I appreciate the correction as I'm still learning. LOVE, LOVE the neighborhood and the vibe. Thanks for checking out my blog.