Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
One of our favorite dishes - Pho

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sugaree's Progress

Our Sugaree is missed beyond words by everyone in the family.  Not much in the way of pictures at this point.  For those of you who know us and have to hear about her progress obsessively, we sincerely apologize to you all.  Thank you for loving us anyway.  <3

A couple of weeks ago the guys started the demo-ing process of our bus.  They even said she could be ready by the end of this month.  Although, we're fully aware that that might be a little optimistic, but of course, for us, the sooner the better.  We're always eagerly awaiting to hear from our bus gurus, as our mattress was delivered, generator, A/C, plumbing and most of the electrical are all installed.  It's all we can do to not call and harass them about a progress report.  We've been exercising a lot of restraint in that regard.  Walls and the bunk room beds were to be completed today.  We will deliver cabinets and counter tops next week.  After that, it should all move rather quickly, especially the way these guys have been so on top of everything.  If any of you are as crazy as we are and consider converting a school bus into an RV, we have the guys for you.

Our dining room is piled up with all of Sugaree's accoutrements.  She truly will help us all to learn to be creatures of comfort with life's simplest pleasures in our 35 foot vacation home.  It will be a good exercise for all of us to learn to scale back in every way possible.  Although, by the looks of our dining room, we might need a little work in that regard already.

I think one of the funnest and most cherish-able moments of this project is all of the special touches David, kids and I've added ourselves.  Spending time together, picking out the decor, painting, staining counter tops and collaborating on everything...These times are priceless.  I cannot wait to share our Sugaree and all of the love that went into her conversion with our friends and family.  

For the kitchen we wanted butcher block counters.  To get them reasonably priced meant David staining and sealing them himself.  They turned out beautifully.  He truly continues to impress me everyday with his handy-man abilities.  Who knew?!  I used to panic if I ever saw him with a tool in hand and knew we would be calling a professional to fix whatever needed fixing.

The distressing of the cabinets has been stressing me out a bit because one didn't turn out like the rest.  After another few coats of paint, I got close enough to what I had in mind.  Cassidy I need your help!  That's the point of distressing them, they don't all have to turn out the same?!  David and I joke that our entire house is distressed thanks to kids, dogs, cats, snakes, fish and now our beloved Sugaree.

David and I made an agreement that he could have all the say-so for the exterior.  And, I have control with what happens in the interior.  ;-)   As my Dad said to David regarding the tuxes for our wedding, he asked that there "...Be no tie-dash.."  Dad's only request.  That's not going to happen with Sugaree.  I miss Dad so and absolutely know he's smiling down on us and all the "tie-dash" that our Sugaree will proudly adorn.  

As it turns out, our buses decor is turning out to be French Country/Gypsy/Bohemian-chic-ish.  Even better than I could've ever hoped for.  Lots of turquoise, blues and all shades of purple.  

We have wonderful friends and family who are kind enough to help us with window treatments and help piece together with all of the crowning touches.

It's coming together beautifully!  More to come soon.  :-)