Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Imploding of Texas Stadium

David and Dylan awoke, bright and early at 4:30 am as planned and headed out to Texas Stadium, sadly, to see it imploded. Another lesson of impermanence! It started off very festively with a fireworks display and then the countdown began. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. In merely a moment in time, the destruction of our beloved stadium took place in front of thousands of spectators. I surprised myself when I was moved to tears at the sight of seeing this historical landmark vanish right before my very eyes. It made me really many wonderful memories were created there. All the Cowboy games with all the football legends like Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Drew Pearson, Emmitt Smith to name a few of the countless heroes. We were fortunate to see many concerts there too, we got to see Paul McCartney with the McQuaid clan, U2, Pink Floyd and the Stones. For me, the Texas Stadium will be greatly missed!

Here's a link to You Tube, where you can view the video David shot the morning of the implosion.

Witness history in the making. Almost 4 decades gone in less than a minute.

The bottom picture is of the new stadium....In Arlington. Laura Miller, you're a fool for moving our stadium out of Dallas. Think of how much Dallas would've benefitted if they opted to build the stadium where the Cotton Bowl is. Oh well, what's done is done.

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  1. Yikes! Look at that photo of me! It looks like I got up at 4:30~!