Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
One of our favorite dishes - Pho

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

N Cuisine in Lakewood Shopping Center

David and I had a really nice lunch last week at a funky and eclectic little Greek bistro called "N Cuisine" in Lakewood Shopping Center in Dallas...just a few doors down from Dixie House.  Delicious food, all organically made with the freshest of ingredients.  The menu ranges from all the classic Greek dishes, such as beef, chicken or lamb gyros, to pita pizzas, to soups and salads and sugarless desserts including baklava, pumpkin cookies and chocolate truffles, to name a few.  It's also a quaint tea/coffee house and they serve brunch during the weekends and even have live music on Friday nights, which we look forward to checking out soon.  

Gino Nikolini is the proprietor and chef of "N Cuisine" and takes great pride in the healthy foods he serves, as well he should.  He's a 64 year old Greek hippie that has traveled the world and after changing his lifestyle and losing a bunch of weight has committed himself to a healthier way of life for many years now.  It shows in how he looks and feels and in the passion he has for his food and restaurant.  After serving us a side of Greek cole slaw complete with black olives and pomegranate seeds, Gino explained to us if you eat at least 4 black olives per day that that will help improve one's memory.  I bought an abundance of black olives the very next day...I'll let ya'll know if it helps.  ;-)

The gyros were truly some of the BEST in town.  Their meats are raised in Vail, CO and are 100% organic.  The gyros are served traditionally in a cone shape wrapped in wax paper and foil topped with Greek yogurt and a little spice.  On the side, were lightly roasted potatoes and salad.  The truffles we were served for dessert were rich and decadently delicious and they didn't have a bit of cream, butter, sugar or salt and you would never know it.   "N Cuisine" is a well kept secret that's worth knowing about.  You may not know it's a restaurant just by walking past, but it's definitely worth stopping in for a bit.  

BTW, if you haven't already, be sure and check out our version of a Gyro...It's not quite as authentic and healthy as Gino's, but it's a good homemade contender.  Go check out "N Cuisine" and I promise you will be glad you did and be sure and tell Gino that the McQuaids sent you.  Opa!

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