Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
One of our favorite dishes - Pho

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cassidy's Sweet 16

Born to be Cassidy...

It's been a beautiful yet long, tough road...but thanks be to God we are here celebrating Cassidy's 16th Birthday!!!!   I have truly never experienced a more fulfilling and also a more challenging journey. Cassidy has always been our "spirited" child.  Literally from day one...from the days of duct taping her diaper on, to the day we had to beg her not to move when she was on the wrong side of the second floor balcony, waving at us from above, so pleased with herself.  Forever the performer, not a shy bone in this child's body...always singing and dancing to songs from "Annie" or Britney Spears or putting on plays with our neighbor, Kelsey from across the street.  The girls would invite various neighbors to watch their "show."  Once we would be seated, they'd get ready to perform and we would quickly discover that they had nothing planned, but always pulled off a humorous number or two that was sure to entertain.  Now, here we are, in the blink of an eye, our little girl has turned 16.  Amazing how time flies.  We're currently researching colleges for BOTH of our girls.  Cassidy will be graduating a year early from the Alexander School in 2012, along with her sister, Avery who will be graduating from Highland Park High School.  We will be empty nesting two of our 3 kids at the same time.  :(  They really will be in college before we know it!  I'm sad for me but super excited for our girls and this amazing chapter in their lives they're about to embark on.  It's Cassidy's hope to attend college at the University of California in Santa Barbara.  Knowing Cassidy, anything she sets her mind to and wants bad enough she gets.  =)  YOU GO GIRL!!  Happy Sweet Sixteen to our beautiful Cassidy!!  You continue to make us so very proud!!  I love you ALWAYS and FOREVER!!  XOXO

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