Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
One of our favorite dishes - Pho

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sugaree Update

Next week is suppose to be the moment of truth.  We are getting our bus!!  And, just in time for the Jimmy Buffett concert and the fun parking lot scene that goes with the event.  We all are beside ourselves with excitement.  Jeff said they'll be ready for electronics this Tuesday and various other things that he will install and then their work will be complete.  Then the real fun begins for us, not that this process hasn't been fun.  We get to decorate the interior and we'll custom paint the exterior.   Our Sugaree will be further hippified and gypsyfied in no time.  

David, Avery and I went out see her again last week and to take out our funky frig.  OMG!!!!  She is so amazingly beautiful!!  Already, far surpassing our expectations.  Talk about giddy with excitement...Words can't even describe.  We had a very minor delay, as there were a few issues with the plumbing in the bathroom.  As I said before, it's a puzzle for these guys to try and figure out where all the different items can be installed, especially underneath the bus.  

Isn't she turning out fabulously?!  I had originally picked out a really pretty styrofoam ceiling tile, that Jeff said should work out perfectly and he said it was good that they're so light and flexible.  As it turns out, they were a little too flexible and break easily.  He had already completed the master, and they give that room a really pretty, rich feel to it.  Given how little traffic will be interfering with the styrofoam tiles because our bed dominates the room, we left the original tiles in our room.  Sometimes things don't work out for a reason and this was one of those scenarios where we are happier with the new ones.  And if the first group doesn't work out, we can always switch them out.  David and I scrambled all over to various Home Depots to get enough of a metal ceiling tile to finish the rest of the bus and we needed at least 35 of them to complete that task.  Of course, each location would only have a few of the ones we liked.  They look unbelievable, especially the way with which they reflect our LED lights.  We can change the light color to almost a dozen colors.  Perfect for our bus.  The psychedelic piece of metal that is painted in the photos above, is the result of David and Dylan experimenting with paining techniques and colors for the exterior.  They think they've got it figured and I have no doubt in my mind that they will make it awesome.  Jeff strongly discouraged the hanging of our chandelier in the master.   It didn't take much convincing him, he wants us happy.  He told us that's the first chandelier he's ever installed in an RV in the 29 years he's been in the business.  And it's a purple one at that...I love it!


  1. Wow! Can't wait to see her transformation. She must feel like Cinderella! Love, Mom

  2. That is real progress, lloking mighty good.

  3. Hello Folks Jeff here. The builder of Sugaree. I just would like to say how much fun it was to build her for the two great people. Kelly and David were great to work with and I will affirm in 29 years I have never been asked to put in a chandelier. I can see how it fits the decor though. Everyone should take the time to see her in person. The pics don't do it justice. Thanks for the chance to build her.

    1. Jeff, you've made our Sugaree beautiful! Again, thank you for putting your heart and soul into our newest baby. We look forward to taking you and your wife for a joy ride when she's all done.