Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
One of our favorite dishes - Pho

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dylan's Birthday Party at Lake Texoma and the Fourth of July

What a wonderful holiday weekend we spent with family and friends.  This was a particularly special weekend because we had lots of special events to celebrate.  July 7th was Dylan's Birthday and David started off the festivities Friday night by taking Dylan to see Led Zeppelin 2 (a LZ cover band) play live at House of Blues.  I was feeling a little under the weather so I opted to stay home, to make sure I would be in tip-top shape for Dylan's birthday party.  As mentioned before, Led Zeppelin happens to be Dylan's favorite band at the moment and he was beyond thrilled to see this band perform again.  He was all showered, dressed and ready to go hours before the doors even opened.  As usual, the guys were front row and center.  At the perfect time, after the second set, they started handing out David's infamous 3-D glasses to take the experience to an even more fun and funky level.  People absolutely love these glasses...My boys make me so proud!  =) 

Check out the video clip that David took of Led Zeppelin 2.  These guys are really quite good.

Saturday we spent the day grocery shopping and preparing for Dylan's birthday party/4th of July celebration at the lake.  That evening David and I attended our friend's, Rogge and Cathy's wedding at the luxurious Hotel St. Germain, located in the heart of Uptown.  It was a lovely celebration with wonderful friends, great food, great music.  The band playing was the Beatles cover band, Hard Night's Day.  We always enjoy seeing those guys play, so that also was a special treat.  Congratulations to Cathy and Rogge!  We wish you all of the love and happiness in the world.

Sunday morning we woke up a little later than expected.  We were hoping to scoop up Dylan's friends and be on the road by 9a, but that was not to be.  It was more like 10:30a by the time we were on our way North headed to our lake house at Lake Texoma.  Unfortunately, the boat was still in the shop, but we had a blast anyway, as we always do, at our dock at Highport Marina.  The boys swam and played endlessly, they fished and went on hikes finding all kinds of cool fossils and stuff.  Under David's supervision, they set off smoke bombs, various other noise makers and obnoxious things made just to make Mom's crazy.  I think the 4th of July is most boy's (and David's) favorite holiday.  I mean what do guys love more than setting things on fire and blowing things up....right?!  It was a totally different experience with the boys than it was when we'd bring the girl's up with their friends.  AND there was no drama.  We had a great crew, even Avery and Cassidy took time out from their busy social lives and happily joined us for all the birthday festivities.  

After our usual lake house dinner consisting of grilled steak, Caesar salad and baked potatoes, we all headed down to our boat ramp to set off some fireworks.  The girls and I were relaxed on the dock enjoying the enchanting display of fireworks all around us from all of the various marinas.  While David and the boys were having the time of their lives setting off fireworks on the boat ramp.  It made us really proud how respectful the boys were of all of our strict rules.  Everyone came home with all of their fingers, thank God.  Monday was a complete repeat of the day before, David, the girls and I hanging on the dock and the boys swimming their little heads off.  We delivered a very tired crew back to their homes that evening.  Something tells me they all slept very well that night.  

For Dylan's actual birthday on Wednesday, I made his favorite, Shrimp Scampi as he requested for dinner.  Our sweet neighbor and friend, Meredith was kind enough to make a yummy chocolate cake that we all enjoyed for dessert.  Happy Birthday to Dylan!  I hope you had a "beast-mode" birthday!  I love you, my man!

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