Pho - Vietnamese Soup

Pho - Vietnamese Soup
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day I'm posting some of my Dad's writings again. This is mostly for my kid's and my benefit more than anything.  My Dad was the most inspirational, positive and kindest soul I ever knew.

Shortly after being diagnosed with bone cancer Dad wrote "Notes to My Grandchildren." The title says it all. It's a heart-warming essay full of inspirational advice that he knew he wouldn't be around to give to most of his grandchildren in person. He truly was like no other.

Thank you to my dear friend, LuAnn for typing NTMG so I could post it on-line for everyone to enjoy. You're the bestest friend ever...I love you so much!

The last week of Dad's life, he was in charge of the huge undertaking of "Dallas Acts Kind Week."  My sweet Mom was with David, our daughter, Avery (17 months) and me in West Palm Beach, eagerly awaiting Cassidy's arrival as she was several days beyond her due date.  My Dad strongly encouraged my Mom to go be with us for the arrival of our newest blessing, our Cassidy.  Of course, my Mom had no idea the end was so near or she would've never gone to Florida.  Although, now looking back, I think my Dad knew exactly what he was doing by sending my Mom away.  Cassidy was just 4 days old when we received the call that my father passed away. I believe he sensed his passing was near and wanted to spare my Mom as much trauma as possible.  He wanted her to relish in the beauty of a new life beginning.  Not his ending, as his body has threatened to do so so many times before and she was always there right by his side.  God Bless my beautiful Mother...She and Dad have been through more than anyone should ever have to, but both of them will forever be my heroes.  My sister, Patti was left to help my Dad at home and she and my brother, Mike were with him until the very end....God Bless them all!  My Dad was determined to get through "Dallas Acts Kind Week," which he did and with so much grace and dignity.  

Several weeks after my Father's passing someone pointed out to us the meaning of the Grateful Dead's song Cassidy.  Right about the time Avery was born David became a major Deadhead.  We didn't know the lyrics to the song, "Cassidy" but we loved the name and decided we would name our beautiful daughter after the song, with no idea it was so poignant to our situation.  It's about how one life ends and another one begins.  If you care to read the words, it truly is ironic.  She was definitely born to be Cassidy!  <3

Dad, you are missed each and every day, much more than words could ever convey! I'm so proud to be your daughter!

I love you!
Special K

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  1. Kelly, I'm just getting caught up on your blog after our trip. What a beautiful tribute to your father. I read (or re-read) all the various articles by or about him that you've posted. I took a course from James White one time--didn't know he was such a good friend! We must discuss. Life is terrific--and so is your blog. I love you! Sara